Featuring PreSonus
like a PRO both ON-STAGE & IN-STUDIO
You'll be amazed how good you sound!

AudioBox 96 Studio


AudioBox iTwo Studio


AudioBox 96 Studio Ultimate


USB Mixers

for lIVE & sTUDIO

StudioLive® AR8

$499.95Regular Price$399.95Sale Price

StudioLive® AR12

$599.95Regular Price$499.95Sale Price

StudioLive® AR16

$699.95Regular Price$599.95Sale Price

StudioLive® AR22 USB

$899.95Regular Price$699.95Sale Price


Air12 with Air15s Bundle


Air15 with Air18s Bundle


Band Rig Bundles

32 Channel Live Band Rig A

$4,599.85Regular Price$4,299.85Sale Price

32 Channel Live Band Rig B


32 Channel Live Band Rig C (With In Ear's)

$6,599.60Regular Price$6,299.60Sale Price

DIGITAL Mixers for lIVE and sTUDIO w/Motorized faders

on-board recording

& wireless control

StudioLive® 16

$2,599.95Regular Price$1,799.95Sale Price

StudioLive® 24

$3,299.95Regular Price$2,299.95Sale Price

StudioLive® 32

$3,899.95Regular Price$2,699.95Sale Price

StudioLive® 32SC

$2,599.95Regular Price$1,999.95Sale Price

StudioLive® 32SX

$3,399.95Regular Price$2,599.95Sale Price

StudioLive® 32S

$3,899.95Regular Price$2,999.95Sale Price

StudioLive® 64S

$5,199.95Regular Price$3,999.95Sale Price

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