Made for the modern player who requires high performance, the 7-string MAJ170 offers a pair of humbucking pickups and unprecedented access to all 24 frets.
What's special about this item?
Feature:	What it does:
3-piece mahogany neck	Stable and strong; withstands the test of time
Mahogany body	Rich, warm, focused sound; added sustain
Rosewood fretboard	Open, warm tone and smooth playing feel
Sterling Modern Tremolo	Smooth operation and solid tuning stability
The long-awaited "Majesty" 7-String has arrived in the Sterling by Music Man line, featuring a mahogany set neck with unparalleled fret access, a 3-way pickup selector and a 12dB "Push-Push" volume pot that provides one of the most innovative playing experiences.

Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci MAJ170 Purple Matallic

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