Top Features
Mini-Grover tuners: Durable and precise tuning in a lighter, more compact format
Tektoid nut: Dense and self-lubricating for great sustain and accurate return to pitch
Even thicker rosewood fingerboard: Greater sonic depth
Explorer slim-taper neck profile: Extremely fast, with easy access to the upper frets
Mahogany neck: Historic Gibson neck tonewood
Mahogany body: Hand-selected and historic tonewood for true Gibson tones
496R and T humbuckers: High-gain humbuckers
Explorer controls: 2 volume, 1 master tone and 1 toggle switch for simplified control
Chrome TOM and aluminum Stop Bar: Modern and accurate chrome-plated aluminum TOM bridge and aluminum Stop Bar
Classic Gibson Explorer hardshell case: Stylish and protective

Wood Species:	Mahogany
Pieces:	Multi-Matched
Grade:	Medium
Binding:	None
Wood Species:	
Pieces:	2
Weight Relief:	None
Average Weight (body only):	4 lbs. 15.4oz
Materials Used
Glue:	Franklin Titebond 50
Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect:	n/a
Body Contour
Carve:	Flat

Wood Species:	Mahogany
Pieces:	1
Truss Rod:	Explorer
Profile:	Explorer Slim Taper
Thickness at Fret 1:	0.800"
Thickness at Fret 12:	0.850"
Other Materials:	
Average Weight:	1 lbs 2.0 oz
Peg Head
Type:	Explorer
Inlay:	Mother of Pearl
Peg Head Binding:	None
Logo:	"Gibson"
Silkscreen:	None
Headstock Angle:	14 degrees
Tonal, Resonant, and/or Technical Effect:	
Neck Fit
Joint Angle:	3.5 degrees
Joint Angle Tolerance:	0 deg 0 min 15 sec
Type:	Mortis and Tenon
Adhesive:	Franklin Titebond 50
Gauges Used:
Pitch Height Gauge and Alignment Gauge
Style:	Nut
Material:	Tektoid
Width:	1.695"
E: 0.046"
A: 0.036"
D: 0.026"
G: 0.016" 
B: 0.011" 
e: 0.009"
Wood Species:	Rosewood
Pieces:	1
Shade:	Medium
Fingerboard Details
Radius:	12"
Frets:	22
Nut/End of Board:	1.695" @ nut, 2.260" @ end of board
Scale:	24 3/4
Binding:	None
Side Dots (Color):	White
Fingerboard Inlays
Style:	Dot
Material:	Acrylic
Dimensions:	Small - 0.249"
Average Weight:	4.16 oz

Gibson Explorer Cherry (used) OHSC

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