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The Sterling StingRay short-scale bass features the iconic StingRay design now in a 30" scale -- complete with a humbucking pickup and 3-way rotary switch!
What's special about this item?
Feature:What it does:
30-inch short scaleFeels easy to play; exceptional note bloom
9.5-inch radius fretboardBest-of-both worlds; not too flat, not too curved
Mahogany bodyRich, warm, focused sound; added sustain
Maple neckBright tone, full sustain and strength
The Sterling by Music Man short-scale StingRay bass offers the iconic StingRay design with a short-scale makeover for the first time. This short-scale bass features a 30" scale for easier playability, passive boost, and a Sterling by Music Man humbucking pickup with higher output neodymium magnets and a 3-way rotary switch. The pickup configuration includes parallel, true single-coil, and series modes.

Sterling Stingray Short Scale Daphne

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