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Neck: Hand wound PAF

Bridge: hand-wound '67 single-coil Tele pickup.

Tuners: Authentic Vintage Schaller keys

Neck Radius: 7.25

Body: 2 piece Ash

Neck: Maple

Frets: 6150 Nickel Silver (Medium Jumbo)

Bridges: Both are Fender, the partial tele as well as the tremolo.

Our version is aged to match the original, we took great detail in matching the look and feel, this tribute is aged to the detail of the original, there are a few non-fender tributes being offered, I couldn’t help but notice they are not aged, we took our time to not only make this play great with low no buzz action , but to also age the guitar to match the original, look closely and see :-)

Also please review our feedback, we have maintained a 100% positive feedback on all the selling platforms including our website, you can feel confident when you purchase from Judah Guitars!

Enjoy the same look at a much more reasonable price, this tele is made in the likeness of a guitar owned by Chicago‘s Terry Kath , comes with a hardshell case.

Made in the USA!

We believe a guitar should meet the players needs, and give a little bit more than expected, to accomplish this in a new build or a proper setup is a task of technique, knowledge and skill.

We believe a great setup is required for you to feel your own playing is better, when this is achieved inspiration and creativity show up at your finger tips.

We believe in doing everything possible to expand and deepen freedom in creativity.

It takes Great Art to inspire Great artists!

When your so inspired you impress yourself, that means you have been stimulated into your creative gift, that’s your God given talent coming through, the guitar in your hand when that happens is a KEEPER!

Would you like one of our guitars?

Terry Kath Tribute TK1

Excluding Sales Tax
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