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This service we preform on YOUR: EVH Striped Series Guitar or Charvel ART Series


The Guitar you send us If it looks like Eddie Van Halen's guitar then it must have been legally painted by either EVH or Charvel, we do not paint the trademark pattern owned by EVH!


We will do this work to any guitar, painted in any fashion, our point is to not have any Trademark violations in our shop, no matter who painted it. 


Look at the photos in this listing and you will see this Judah Modification applied to other guitars



The "Frankenstrat Modification"


Here's what stays…

-The EVH® Wolfgang Humbucker, which is a GREAT sounding pickup

-The EVH branded Floyd Rose tremolo system & EVH D-Tuna

-The original tuning machines and frets

-EVH Neck and Body


Here's what's modded/added…


-The paint is aggressively distressed and aged to mirror the original

-1971 Quarter is drilled and added

-Ghost stripes are added, Ghost stripes are the appearance of the black stripe under the red paint)

-The bridge humbucker is wired straight to the volume pot through to the jack

-A 5-way switch is added is a newly routed middle pickup position

-A non-operational single-coil neck pickup is added

-The input jack is moved to the top

-The infamous truck stop reflectors are added to the back

-The original strap buttons are replaced with large "eye screw" bolts

-The D-Tuna is removed and inspected and its functionality is upgraded by way of a detailed oil and polishing process

-Blue paint in some spots as the original shows.

-The guitar is set up in standard tuning (optional 1/2 step down tuning at your request) with EVH .010's (optional EVH .009's at your request) with the action set at 3/64 at the 22nd fret

-Intonation is precisely set with a Peterson Strobe Tuner



(this is a Service, not a guitar) Judah Guitars Frankenstrat Modification

Excluding Sales Tax
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